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The Logo Story

The Homeless Voice Logo was designed by Diane Martin from Greyfriar’s Hostel as result of competition launched in November 2010. Read More

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About Us

The Homeless Voice Group is made up of residents and providers of temporary accommodation, and homeless support services in Perth and Kinross Read More


Central Healthcare


The aim of Central Health Care is to deliver health care and support to the residents of Perth & Kinross who are Homeless or at risk of homelessness, those who are vulnerable, those living in temporary accommodation or sleeping rough. Women and children fleeing domestic violence and prisoners facing homelessness on discharge from prison and in general support those who have no registered doctor and register them with a practice which is based in Drumhar(mauve practice). Read More




Silently tormenting your head at night
All thoughts and memories obscure whatís right
Moral decay sears through your veins
And tears just vanish and numb all pain
Stealth like sadness enters your heart
And all thatís left is dark and black
Your emotions harden and bitter pride prevails
And a downward spiral quickly entails
Encounters with misery are steady and often
And feelings of woe are rarely softened
Blame and cause are words unspoken
Only because your wounds remain wide open
Yet fantasies of a happier way
Are a ray of light that will never stay

Simon Ewing
24 April 2013

Great news for the Boxing Project

The Homeless Voice Association has been successful in gaining funding for the Boxing Project , £23,000 in total! This money will pay for the project to operate twice a week with spaces for 10 people at each session. It will pay for transport costs to the Fair City Amateur Boxing Club and equipment for the session and those taking part. There will also be chance for some people to take part in an accredited learning programme to gain a qualification and become a Boxing Project Ambassador! Watch this space about how you can take part in the Boxing Project


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